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Paperclip Layering Chains (6 Sizes)

Paperclip Layering Chains (6 Sizes)

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Matte Gold Paperclip Layering Chains

Great for layering together or with your other pieces and available in these 5 sizes:

- 16” Small Paperclip (far left in group photos; not pictured on bust)

- 16” Medium Paperclip (middle in group photos and also shown in Photo 3)

- 24” Medium Paperclip (middle in group photos and also shown in Photo 3)

- 16” Large Paperclip ** (far right in in group photos and also shown 

- 30” Large Paperclip **

* Looks great layered with hammered bar on paperclip chain as shown too in Photo 4 and Middle Photo 5)

** Shown layered together in Photo 5. 30” is double wrapped and 16” worn in between.